What happened before?
What Happens next?

Tell-Tale Heart Prologue and Epilogue


You will be creating a prologue OR epilogue to "Tell-Tale Heart". This is a creative writing assignment, but you will be asked to include the following:

  1. An example of dramatic irony
  2. An example of situation irony
  3. One new character

You will be graded on the following:

  1. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization
  2. Organization and structure
  3. Ability to extend the plot while keeping the point of view, mood, and tone the same
  4. Ability to keep the contrast in audience and character perspectives very different
  5. Ability to include all aspects of an epilogue/prologue

Scoring Guide

What is Dramatic and Situational Irony?

Situational Irony

  • A fire station burns down
  • The marriage counselor files for divorce
  • The police station gets robbed
  • Posting on Facebook complaining how useless Facebook is
  • A vegan never eats meat but has some sausage pizza because he is hungry
  • The traffic cop got his license suspended because of unpaid parking tickets
  • A pilot had a fear of heights
  • A member of PETA wears leather shoes
  • The teacher failed the test
  • An anti-technology website
  • Dramatic Irony

  • Two people are engaged to be married but the audience knows that the man is planning to run away with another woman.
  • In a scary movie, the character walks into a house and the audience knows the killer is in the house.
  • In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo thinks Juliet is dead and the audience knows she is not.
  • In A Doll’s House, the audience knows Nora borrowed money forging her father’s signature and her husband is unaware. We also know Nora’s husband thinks of her as a doll and Nora is unaware.
  • In Star Wars, Luke does not know Darth Vader is his father until Episode V, but the audience knows sooner.
  • In Toy Story, the toys move when the people are not there. Also, Buzz thinks he is a real space ranger.
  • How do I write an epilogue?

    How do I write a prologue?

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