I'lll start out our fairy tale by saying how we met. I started working at a daycare and everyone there was trying to get me to date someone they knew that was single. I finally said yes to one girl and so she set up sort of a blind date with her boyfriend's friend. I got to see a small picture of him and he got to see a small picture of me, but it was hard to tell what each one really looked like, but we both agreed to meet. Well we met and hit it off. Eleven months after meeting my fiancé finally popped the question! Christmas Eve he told me we were going to see Christmas lights. We left a Christmas get together and proceeded to the lights. He then told me he forgot the tickets so we would have to stop by his house. We pulled in the driveway and I asked if I should stay in the truck. He told me I could come in for a minute. We went inside and he asked his sister where he put the tickets. She said you were reading a book and you put them in that out on the porch. I started thinking why was he reading a book outside in the cold? He turned the porch light on then off and went outside. I started thinking again why did he turn the light off when it's dark out on the porch and he is looking for a book? He then asked "Are you going to help me?" I said "I guess." So I went out to help and he closed the door then hugged me from behind. He then started telling me that he read in Genesis that day. I said "oh yeah?." He said "yeah I was reading for inspiration. You know how God told Adam he would give him a help mate?" I said "yeah." He let go, came in front of me, got down on one knee, started pulling a box out of his pocket and said "well God gave me you as my help mate." Then he turned and I asked "what?" I turned and looked over the banister at a sign that he made with Christmas lights (that I later found out I helped pick out.) that said "Marry Me" I said "aww yes!" Then he asked "Will you Marry Me?" I said "yes" and his sister came out taking pictures like paparazzi. Later I asked as I looked at my ring, in front of his while family, "Is this the only present you were talking about that I get to open tonight?" He laughed and I said "Oh no! That's not what I meant! I meant is this the present you were talking about?" Still didn't sound that great, but I meant the best even though I was really embarrassed!! If we were to win the prize we would put it in savings for our wedding since we are paying for our own wedding or for part of a down payment on our first house together.

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