Inferences-An inference is a guess about something or someone using a specific piece of evidence about or from someone/something.

"To write the best characters in our fiction, we need to get inside those characters' heads. We need to understand their thoughts, dreams, fears, and desires. We need to hear their voice in our minds. We need to know what drugs are in the medicine cabinet and what cereals are on the kitchen shelf. We need to know whether his socks match"

An inference that I can get from this piece of writing is that the author of this story is a very descriptive writer. They also probably have read some stories where they don't know enough about the main character so they,as a reader are trying to get people to write more descriptively.

"We all know those TV shows that we love to hate. We know the storylines are cliched, the characters are over-the-top, and the drama is cheesy, and yet when we flip by them when channel surfing...aren't they so hard to resist? For some reason we keep watching, laughing at every ridiculous turn of the plot or dumb character moment."

An inference that I can make from this excerpt is that the author watching television a lot. They also get bored from the television shows but they like certain moments.

"Ever have one of those days? How about one of those weeks, or those semesters? Yeah, we've all been there. Sometimes we go through a stretch where everything seems to be piled on top of us. There's homework and college applications and relationship troubles and fights with friends."

An inference I can make from this is that the author is in high school. They also have a lot of extra classes because they are really busy.

An inference that I could make is this person is doing geometry because of all the shapes.

An inference that I can make is that the penguin wandered into the sea lion's territory or that the sea lion was very hungry because penguin is not in a sea lion's diet.

An inference that I could make from this image is that the person thought that they could ride a bike with one hand. The other hand was used to hold up an umbrella so that they wouldn't get wet.