Nerd Newsletter

Money Madness

Patrice Abbee's class did a pretty extensive project over the topic of money inspired by the book Money Madness. Her third graders used a ton of different tech tools. I suggest you check it out!

Kahoot - Ghost Mode

Kahoot recently added the ability to play against past games. This would make it feasible that students to practice a Kahoot session in class by pairing up or even be able to participate from home.

Family Tech Night

Thanks for being a part of Family Tech Night this year. I hope to continue some version of it for next year. I think it was a positive experience for students and families. I wrapped up the year Kindergarten at Wayne Center.


If you like Kahoot, you're going to love Quizizz. It functions almost exactly the same way. The main difference? Students automatically move on to the next question as the questions and choices appear on their own device. Less cheating that way.


Karen Gandy ran a staff meeting with Plickers a few weeks ago. It is another student response system that we can take advantage of since it is free.