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London is the capitol of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the largest city in the United Kingdom and one of the largest cities in the whole world. It holds the headquarters of the Nation’s government. London was created nearly 2,000 years ago, growing around 2 historic sites- The city of London, and the City of Westminster. Being one of the world’s oldest and most historic sites, London has a lot of culture, finance, tourism, and trade. (Sutcliffe)


History of London

In A.D. 43, Roman Empire armies began to conquer Britain. It was thought they established a military camp. A few years later, the Romans built a trading port named Londinium, which is where the name London comes from. In the 200’s, the Roman’s had a wall built, most likely to protect it from raiders. This wall and the ones that were built later made up London’s boundaries for many years. In 410, Germans attacked Rome and the troops that were in London were sent home to fight the Germans. That was the last day the Romans had control over Britain. Most of the people who lived there abandoned London, and the city’s population declined. (Laugharne)

A Roman Wall

Famous sites in London

London holds many of the most famous cites in London. There are many famous museums and libraries, like the British museum, which is one of the most famous museums in the whole world! There are others, for example, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and The Museum of London. For all you book lovers, The British Library and the United Kingdom National Library are also in London. If books aren't your thing, visit the Royal Parks! There are many more places to visit in London. (Laugharne)

Royal Park

Problems in London

There are many problems in London, just like all other places. There are drugs addicts who sell and use drugs just walking along the streets. A lot of the people committing the crimes are young people who are maybe unemployed or have no way to get money, so they turn to shoplifting and street robbery to get their money and supplies. These problems are the worst in the most crowded areas, like Central London, which contains some of the poorest communities in England. There are also a lot of housing problems. People may not have enough money, therefore cannot go out and buy an apartment or house, so they sleep on the streets. These problems may not be noticeable when your touring there and having fun, but they are there.(Laugharne)

Homeless guy


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