Power Tools, Drop Cloths, & Startups

Why we're building our office in an art studio.

ItsYourVet is a remote-ish team. Our COO, Cate, is full time in South Carolina, I split my time between South Carolina and Los Angeles, and our CTO is living the life in Portland, OR. Cate will be going full time with our startup in the next two weeks, and we've subsequently started talking about both where and how we want to work together. Here's why we decided to set our office along side artists:

1) We don't want to work from home. I'm an extreme extrovert, which means I get my energy from being around other people. While it can be nice to work from home, hang with the dog, and cycle the laundry one day a week, any more than that gets depressing.

2) We love being surrounded by creative, mildly irreverent people. In South Carolina, we've found more kindreds in the art community than the business community. This isn't true in larger cities where lots of creative people spend their time launching new business ventures.  But, for the most part, business here is quite conservative and that's just not really our style.

3) We value mixed use space. Many co-working spaces have a token play set: ping-pong tables, foosball, whatever. Personally, we'd rather spend our down time playing with laser cutters and paint.

4) We don't do very many in-person meetings when we're in South Carolina. Most of our in-person meetings happen when I'm out in California, so our SC office doesn't need to be set-up to impress anyone. When most of your meetings are taken over Google Hangout, all you really need is a white wall and you're good to go.

We're still hunting for the right cross-functional space, but in a post-industrial community like this, empty warehouses are in ample supply. The trick will be finding one that has been maintained well enough that it doesn't have extensive water damage and still has functional plumbing.

How do you like your office space? What about it works or doesn't work? Would love to hear your thoughts and tips!