St. Martins

Kevin Ehrman

-Population- 31,530   -Life expectancy- 79.33 years   -Poverty rate-n/a  

-unemployment-10.6%   -number of internet users-n/a   

-gross national product-$19,300 (GDP)

  -challenges in the future-since the economy is so small the unemployment rate keeps rising and rising and will not stop until the economy grows larger

-culture- Creole (mulatto), black, Guadeloupe Mestizo (French-East Asia), white, East Indian

-language-French (official), English, Dutch, French Patois, Spanish, Papiamento (dialect of Netherlands Antilles)

-religion-Roman Catholic, Jehovah's Witnesses, Protestant, Hindu

-type of government- 2-branch government

Citations- "The world Factbook." The world factbook. Central Intelligence Agency, n.d. Web. 14 May 2005.

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