Awesome Apps for Mobile Learning

Five cool apps you can use in your classroom.


With Mobl21, you can create many different things for your students to use such as quizzes, study guides, and flash cards and this app can support multiple groups and authors to encourage group work and collaboration inside and outside the classroom. This app also has a couple different mediums that you can communicate through, including SMS and Voice casting. As a teacher, you can also use Mobl21 to track your active learners and to track grades and usage. This app can be used in the classroom to encourage students to work on school work outside of school or their homes since this app can be used both on and offline. Students can also be encouraged to participate on this app with their friends by commenting of other student's posts, posting things themselves, etc.

Journal Jar

Journal Jar is a simple online tool that students can use to help them find a writing prompt. By shaking the mobile device the student will be given a possible topic that they can write about. This can help students by giving them a chance to write about something they may not have thought about writing before and help them develop as a writer. In the classroom, it is also not necessary to only use the app, although the app is convenient. As a possible activity, you could get your students to each write a topic down on a piece of paper, put it in an actual jar, and then have students draw pieces of paper. This would get the whole class involved and it would be engaging for them to see what other people wrote about the writing prompt that they have come up with. The app can be accessed online or via a mobile phone.

Flat Stanley Classroom Edition

Flat Stanley is targeted more towards elementary students, but with it teachers can create classes and through that both teacher and students can post pictures and comment on them, and there is also a map section where you can pin the different locations of people. I think this would be a really cool app for a social studies classroom, because you would be able to show the students different places and you could connect with different schools around the world who are also partnered with Flat Stanley and through this students would be able to learn about different cultures and communicate with people from those cultures in real time.


Educreations is an app on iTunes that turns your mobile device into an Interactive Whiteboard where you can draw, record, erase, and save works for later use. With it, you can share your lessons before and after class so that students can have access to them. With it you can also teach any subject and help tutor your students even when they are not in the classroom. With this app, you can also view videos and works made public by other teachers in various subjects that you can then share with your class. Since students can also create their own lessons using this app, a possible exercise in the classroom would be to have the students make a video explaining a concept or topic.

Bubble and Pebble Story

The Bubble and Pebble Story is an app that is animated by children for children and it is intended to improve reading and listening skills in children. This app is voiced by children and was intended for children all over the world. Even though I plan on teaching junior high, I think this app is a good idea for preschool or kindergarten and it is interactive and would be cool to use as an engaging activity in the classroom.

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