7 Things that Make Life Easier for New Mommies

  • 1. Get plenty of rest and sleep.

Mommies should have enough time to sleep.

However, they say sleep is the first thing that goes out the window when a baby is born and that’s often true. Feeding times are crazy and constant. The only schedule you have is aligned with the baby’s needs. When the baby wakes up to feed, every two or three hours, you wake, you feed and then you hope to catch some sleep in between.

A good confinement nanny would know how to take care of you and the baby. This is good because there’s now someone else in the house who could feed and take care of the baby, allowing the parents, especially the mother, to rest and recover.

  • 3. Have help around the house.

A good confinement nanny could help with this too. If you have an older child or two, the nanny could prepare some meals for the bigger kids so you can take care of the baby. If the baby is sleeping, then she could look after the other kids while you nap and allow your body to heal from childbirth.

  • 4. Ask a relative to stay with you.

This also works, especially if it’s your mom. Someone there to make sure you eat right, that you have enough sleep so you have more energy when you’re with your husband and child.

  • 5. Receive emotional support.

Post-partum depression is a reality. Some women who’d just given birth feel isolated and alone. If you think you have this, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor for advice. Depression is serious and could spiral out of control when left untreated.

  • 6. Reconnect with family and friends.

Make an effort to maintain contact with family and friends, even when your days are filled with chores and feeding times and playing and crawling on the floor as you take care of the baby. Sometimes, hearing about a day without having to attend to the needs of a new-born is a welcome change of pace to the routine.

  • 7. Be given understanding and patience.

Some mothers feel vulnerable. Sometimes this is triggered by the physical changes of pregnancy—the weight gain, the swollen feet—or by its hormonal changes, resulting into an unhappy woman. When this happens, make sure you reach out to your loved ones. Give them a chance to show how much they love and support you—by telling them, by letting them know how you feel.