Enrique Martinez

Email Etiquette

1.Be short and to the point or you may send a huge email that is really long.

2.Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, because if you are sending a formal email to your teacher it is important that you use these things.

3.Answer as fast as you can or the other emailer will be waiting a long time and exit the conversation.

4. Use correct language, not like LOL, or BFF, or Ur because you will have to be formal to you teachers friends and class

5.Answer questions and future questions that way you won't have to answer so much in single email.

6.Don’t send anything you’d be embarrassed of because it can be shared to everyone.

7.Use emoticons only when appropriate like a smiley face to try to fell more happy and not to mad or sad.

8. make sure you use a friendly tone or else the other emailer will feel like they don't want to talk to them.

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