Tissot Racing T-Touch Chronograph T002.520.17.201.01 Men’s Watch

A multifunction watch that looks more refined than the G-Shock and lightyears away from any graphing calculator! Not exactly the cheapest option for hitting the T-point, but then again, you can’t expect plastic to adorn this watch. This pushes the price up slightly, for stainless steel is something more than price; it’s about character. And the watch is all about making the most of time! Let’s see a few among all it can do.

i. With stopwatch capability, you get a high-tech, personal trainer. The sophisticated chronograph records lap times (99 in total; single or multiple).
ii. The compass gives you direction when you feel lost at the crossroads.
iii. A dual-time capability to balance between work and play.
iv. A backlight for your darkest hours.
v. A tide-calculator to help you go fishing.
vi. Two alarms that can be set at two different time zones or in a single time zone.
vii. Two timers to time two different events one after the other.

The Race in the name of the model indicates towards a generally active life; if you are into racing, all the better! Its roots go deep into motorcycle racing. A quartz models with unique touch features, it has all its modes laid around the dial’s perimeter; all you need is pressing the activation buttons to get started with them. Hold down the Tissot Heritage Visodate Automatic button and the digital display glows. It is reading the digital data in a very modern, cool way.

The T-Race Touch (the official name) is a 2013 introduction and is a stunning mix of the T-Race and the Tssot Visodate Automatic but characteristically, it is Tissot every bit! It is the kind of watch that grows on you and many shall find it to be just the size they were looking for. The dial is bit smaller from its parents and without doesn’t have the altimeter and barometric functions. But it might make you wonder what purpose that tide graph is going to serve in the racing circuit.

Let’s leave the ‘How to...?’ part to the user manual; let’s concentrate on the movement before winding up. Inside you’ll find the Tissot T-Touch Expert (Caliber E49.301) movement, a staple for many of the T-Touch models. If you haven’t counted, there are 11 tactile functions this movement lets you perform; for a quick recap, look to the list above.

It is a watch that matches to a high-flying lifestyle and is overally nice as a watch to go with business casuals. A choice for them looking bit above the entry level T-Touch watches, this one also comes with several, fashionable twists. A less expensive option if you want a watch to handle all your weekend fun and frolic after a grueling week of backbreaking schedule.