My Inferno

By Alexandria E. Lesseos

The top of the Inferno is the earth that we humans walk upon--flowers and grassy plains everywhere.

Ignorance and Idiocy--Small Mindedness

The ones who are the most ignorant of the world and the pure idiots are the first level of this Hell. Their punishment is to read and re-read encyclopedias for eternity.

The second level of this Hell is for people who break promises and spin tales. Their punishment is to prevent this by sewing the lips shut with golden string.

Poisonous Tales--Lies and Slander--Cruelty of the Mouth

The Greedy--Selfish

The greedy and selfish people who only think fro themselves are reserved for the third level of this Hell. They can have a variety of punishments: buried alive by the things they sought over/pour molten gold over cranium/since they used their greedy hands to hold onto trivial things, they lose their hands.

The Lustful

Since they used their skin for illicit love and unfaithfulness, their skin is to be peeled strip by strip and then dipped in salt. When it regrows the process repeats.

War Mongers--Abusers--Wrathful

They are to be beaten for eternity/to be put into a rage until they destroy themselves painfully.


To be used and used eternally brutally/tortured in every-way possible for eternity, somewhat mirrors own brutality and pain caused in life.

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