Bottlenose Dolphins

By Andraya Wehrman

                      Were does a                         
Bottle Nose Dolphin live in?

  • Warm tropic water
  • Stays within 100 mile of the coast
  • Far north  as Japan and Norway
  • Far south as Argentina, Africa, and New Zealand

Characteristic of A Bottle nose Dolphin

  • They have small beaks that gives impression that they are smiling
  • grow 13 ft and 600 lbs.
  • they are gray
  • top is dark, bottom is lighter
  • friendly toward people
  • They are very social   

How Bottle nose Dolphin live

  • Bottle nose dolphins have a home range
  • they will live in there home range for their whole life
  • They stay with there mom for 6 years
  • They will live in groups called schools or pods

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