Georgia Ogle

Fresh And Healthy Vending Machines

(1) How many machines should we have? Why did you choose that number of machines?

We should have at least 4 vending machines in the building. Because there can be one in any hallway for any one,who wants to go to get something from the vending machine.

What kinds of healthy snacks would you like to see in your vending machine(s)? Why did you select these snacks?

We should have apples,pineapples,grapes, healthy drinks. The reason why I picked these healthy items. Because it would give students a better options of what they wanted and,these are some main fruits that some kids like.

The flavor is watermelon, strawberry
( Chocolate chip bar )

What should these snacks cost? Why did you select these prices?

The snacks should not be anymore than $1, more kids would want them, and if its not that much more kids will buy more of it.

Where should the machine(s) be located? Why did you select these locations?

These vending machines should be located on the down stairs and then up stairs, and then we would put one in the cafeteria and then in the hallway before you get to the cafeteria.These locations would be best because kids walk down these hallways all the time. They would always see them.

When should students be able to use the machine(s)? Why did you select these times of day?

During lunch or between classes, or even if you want to you could set certain days like the days of the week. Because it would not infer in what the teachers have planned or what they need to get finished.

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