The Journey

One of the view points from about half way up misson peak. I love to go hiking and get great photos and exercise

        Above the Clouds

At the top of mission peak I see the earth as a beautiful thing full of life and amazement

      The Perfect Moment

Sunsets are beautiful to look at and are soothing. I don't understand how anyone could not enjoy a sunset

        Have a Little Faith

I believe that the earth will be around for another billion years as it continues to support us everyday

                       Wall- e

Wall-e is a major movie that has influenced how I view the environment and how we should protect the earth

Wall-e is a movie that has changed my view on the environment. Wall-e tells us that if we do not take care of the world then we as humans will have to move out of the arth and live on other planets because the earth cannot handle the pollution and harm we cause to it. Waste is also a big issue in Wall-e as their is so much waste we need to store it on other planets. Wall-e has convinced me to recycle more and has made me become more aware of our enviromental issues.

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