3.5 Word Problem

K. Hinojosa Digital Poster for Math III, Mr. Kirkland, October 16, 2013

A rectangular container is 10 inches deep. One side of the container is 1.5 times longer than the other. The amount of water needed to fill the container is 3840 cubic inches. What are the dimensions of the container?

Write an equation for the volume of the container in the form ax2=c by simplifying the left side of the equation.

Isolate x2

Find Square roots. Length can't be negative, so the smaller dimension if the container, or the width of the container is 16 inches.

Now find the larger dimension of the container or the length of the container. Recall that the length of the longer side of the container, in terms of x , is 1.5x, and x=16 ft.


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