Christopher Paolini

Author of the Inheritence Cycle

His Books

Christopher Paolini is the author of the bestselling Eragon series. He started writing Eragon at age 15 and is a very talented, creative and influential author.


At age 15 Christopher started writing Eragon. He self published his first book but another author found the book and had it officially published. He has created many languages that inhabit the world of Alagasia. He is also is a very creative author which is what we will be talking about next.


Christopher is also a very creative author who was able to create the world and magic of Alagasia. As a boy he was a very creative boy who was always making up fantastical worlds that he would play in. He was also a very good student which allowed him to beome the writer he is today.


Christopher Paolini is also very influential author. He originally had to self publish his book and it was not that popular of a book. But the leader of a publishing company found the book for his son on vacation. His son who was not a big reader loved the book and so the publisher contacted Paolini and had the book published. Since then the inheritance series had risen in popularities. It has gained over 7 million dollars world wide in its sold copies.

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