The Glass Ceiling

Emma Jacobs

What you need to know

○ Women are getting paid less than men for doing the same amount of/or more work

○ Equal pay is a fundamental right

○ Women currently hold 5.4% of CEO positions per 1000 positions

Who can help?

○ NGO's such as the International Council of Women

○ Members of Parliament and Provincial Parliament such as Kathleen Wynne

○ You can help!

What is the problem?

The problem at hand is gender inequality, but more specifically the Glass Ceiling. Men are being paid more than women even though women are doing the same amount if not more work. Women are not being treated fairly and should be treated equally.

Where does this occur?

This occurs mainly in big corporate businesses. Women don't get the opportunity for the CEO position as 95.6% of CEO positions are occupied by males. When males retire there is most likely already a replacement for them lined up and that male will be replaced by another male.

When does this happen?

This is happening right now and you can help. Go promote this issue today on twitter or around your community!

Why should you support this?

Supporting this is supporting gender equality rights. If you believe both men and women should be paid equally and have the same chance then you should promote this issue and make others aware.

How can you help?

○ Online- websites such as twitter and Facebook, make it public!

○ In your community- bring awareness to your community

○ At your work- raise the issue in your work place

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