Nazareno, Patrick

The Way up to Heaven

Presentation of the way up to heaven.

Roald Dahl.

Mr and Mrs Foster had been married for a long time. Mr Eguene Foster was seventy years old. He and his wife lived in New York City.
Mrs Foster had an unhealthy fear of losing a train, a flight, a boat or even a theatre starting time.

Her left eye start to twitch when she know she's not going to get it.

Mrs Foster knows that she is going to arrive late to the flight to see her daughter in Paris. Her husband know that it was an important trip for her so he start loosing time on purpuse to make his wife nervious.

The day she was leaving to Paris, the flight was suspended because  it was foggy. The day after they have to leave to the airport again. Mr. Foster took so much time to be preapared for leaving, he walk slowly, watch landscape for along time and when the  car was leaving Eugene "remember that he forgot the present" and go inside to look it. Instantly Mrs. Foster saw the present in the car and realised that he was doing it on porpuse, so she go to the airport alone.

When Mrs. Foster came back she open the door and see all the envelops at the front of the door, that she send her housband. When she open the elevator Eugene was dead.

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