Vibhor Mittal of Houston - Mixing Work and Your Passions

Vibhor Mittal is not only a very skilled engineer who excelled in the Sciences, but also a lover of the Arts. He is an engineer in his professional life and an art aficionado in his pastime. He not only loves looking at art, but is an experienced photographer himself. Throughout the years he has built a collection of interesting and unique photographs, which he proudly displays and sells. He loves being able to express another side of himself through photography.

Vibhor Mittal Houston says it's never too late to follow your dreams and take up art or photography. If you have a desire to do so, and wonder how to become a professional photographer or start a career in photography, he had a few key points that you should think about.

First and foremost you need to do your homework. Next make sure to study your subject matter and never go into any situation shooting blind. Know your subject and build relationships. The more you know ahead of time, the less time you will waste trying to come up with relevant, intelligent art. Let’s take the situation of shooting at sunset. Always be prepared for shadows and glare.

Also be helpful to other photographers, especially other pros. Having a career as a Freelance photographer can be very difficult, so help out. Share information and equipment when possible. Be tolerant and friendly to amateur photographers who ask for your help. Remember you were once in their same shoes and needed a helping hand here and there.

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