Vanity. Desirable. Envious.  

Curley's Wife

All I wanted was,

fame and fortune,

my picture taken,

no obligations,

love and affection,

to be desired and envied,

to keep my vanity.

What I didn't want was,

to be married,

to live with my mother,

to be forced towards isolation,

to die.

Curley's Wife is a young girl in her teens in an uncomfortable and inappropriate marriage with a man at least a decade older than herself. She is a girl that loves to draw attention to herself with her bright red lips and desirable sex appeal. Deep down internally Curley's Wife is suffering from isolation and lack of attention that she atrociously craves.

Curley's Wife has interactions in the book "Of Mice and Men" with other characters that ultimately endure a disheartening example of what kind of person she really is. Slim is a character that Curley's Wife is sexually attracted to due to the handsome qualities that he possesses. Another character that Curley's Wife connects with throughout this book is Lennie Small. She treats him as a person; she normally interacts and shares her feelings with him like ordinary human beings would. Lastly, the character in this book that Curley's Wife really doesn't have a good relationship with is Crooks. She treats him as if he were nothing and racially threatens him like it has  no meaning. These actions express to the reader that Curley's Wife is inconsiderate and hypocritical. She focuses on people's flaws and hits them hard where it hurts the most, but coincidently demands respect from other and wants them to focus on only her beauty and be oblivious to her flaws.

Curley's wife plays a unique role in developing the theme in the book "Of Mice and Men" by representing how women were treated in that time period. In the book the men don't identify Curley's Wife with her own first name; which shows how she is just a trophy or object to them, they don't view her with respect. She also shows to the reader how lonely she is on the ranch with all those men, so she uses her beauty in order to get attention from them even though it is not the right kind of attention.

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