Help Wanted: Veterinarian

For more information contact Chandler William David Everhart

Looking for someone to:
and or research
the diseases and injuries of animals.

Activities you will be doing on the job include, but are not limited to:
advising owners on the proper care of their pet,
preforming surgery on animals (whether it be small or large),
and treat sick, and or injured animals.

Working conditions may include:
a sterile animal clinic, or a field if the animals is of the large size,or cannot be transported to the clinic.

Ideal work interests include:
working with animals,
helping those who are sick or injured,
and using reasoning to determine the cause of injury, or sickness.

A work value or two that you may want to have include:
Being investigative, and or independent

Basic skills that are required include:
Reading Comprehension,
and Critical Thinking

Related Occupations
medical scientists
and health specialties

Minimum education required:  
Doctoral degree,
Professional degree,
and or Post-doctoral training

Salary information:
annual salary$86,640 annual

Expected growth in this field:
around 8% to 14% in the next five years.
It's about average, because more and more people are having pets nowadays,
and they turn to vets when their pets get sick.

Flex work hours are available for those who qualify.

Once again, for more information contact Chandler William David Everhart

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