Ancient Soil Chemists of The Amazon

The ancient Amazonian lived in a place that today is believed to be nearly impossible to grow any food. However researchers have evidence of the massive crops and foods they grew there to support the millions of humans in their populace. The interesting thing about it is that the ancients used a different kind of soil that is about 5 times more powerful than what we use to grow fruits and vegetables and we don't know how they knew about it. It's also speculated that they made the soil themselves but scientists are unsure about how the ancients would've known something about agriculture that we still don't know. They managed to feed over millions of people across the land while maintaining a naturally green life style and healthy planet. With no pollution.

How is Chemistry involved?

What makes the soil in the amazon as well as many other places unbearable to grow anything in is that the actual chemical make up of the soil lacks nutrients needed t grow plants like calcium and certain iron levels. The terra preta however which the Amazonian created and worshiped in a sense was very rich in all the things needed to grow fruits and vegetables.

My reaction to the article?

I thought this article was superbly fascinating because i hardly ever hear anything about the amazon period. This article really gives a great detailed description about life in the amazon both in the ancient and today. I know for certain that i just learned a lot from this article as well as agriculture. I had no idea it was so hard to grow things in the amazon seeing as its trees and jungle are so strong and huge. I would like to explore what kinds of fruits these people were growing in those jungles. As well as how to grow them myself, just for fun.

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