On my snow day off i just really chilled all day.When i first woke up i woke up to my cousins and sister playing the Xbox like always.And to make it worst it was like 8 o'clock in the am.I kinda told them to turn it off and get back in bed.I tried to go back to sleep but once i'm up i'm up.So therefore,i got out of bed.....

Like always i go to the bathroom to get all pretty and stuff ,i did my eyebrows and brush my teeth and put some lip gloss on.I would say i was in there for like a hour or sooo onn.Then i go to make them something to eat ,cereal and milk like every weekend.But I ate a cookie and warmed it up and ate that it was good.

After,i clean the breakfast mess up i went up stairs to clean my room.My grandmom didn't want no one to mess with her so we didn't.So i had nothing to do so i put some jeans on and walked my friend to the 99 cent store to get a poster for her project.It took like 20 minutes to do all that.So when i got in the house i just went in  my bed and took a nap .When i woke up i ate dinner a cheese sandwich and chips.Then i went back to sleep.