Unit 1 Vocabulary

By: Kelsey Bryant

1. Setting- The act of a person or thung of sets
2. Characterization- a literary device that is used step by step in litature to highligt and explain the details abouta character in a story
3. Theme- something the author is telling you in the story.
4. Resolution- the action of solving a problem
5. Conflict- the problem of the story
6. Point of Veiw- aparticular attitude or way of considering a matter
7. Plot- the main events of the story in 5 ways
8. Rising action- is what is leading up to the most exciting part of the story.
9. Trait- a distinguishing qulaity or characters typically one belonging to a person
10. Motives- a reason for doing something in the story
11. FAlling action- parts of the story that occur right after the climax
12. Support- to help state your statement.
13. Evidence- the avalible body of facts inicaticting wether what you said was true or not.
14. Claim- State or assert tat something is the case
15. Central Idea- what the whole story is revolving around
16. Climax- the best part of the story
17. Foreshadow- be a warning or indication (future event)
18. Flashback- a part of the story that shows what happed earlier on in life.
19. Mood- a temporary state of mind or feeling.

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