The Moon's Importance

Milton Lopez
2nd hour

The moon's importance for phases are that phases occur only because the moon reflects off the suns light. There are 2 tides neap tides and spring tides they only occur because of the orbit the moon has to earth.There are 2 eclipse lunar and solar eclipse. They only occur in full and new moon.

Moon phases only occur every single night. The reason's why we have moon phases because the moon reflects off the suns light to make different phases.The affect us on earth because if we didn't have this it would always be dark.

Tides are important because the help fishermen and sailors. There are 2 tides neap and spring tides. Neap tides are like low tides. Spring are like high tides. They are important to the sailors because if they have low tides there going to push the boat in pretty far. For the fishermen they need spring tide because they need fishes for people and if they have neap tide the fishes aren't going to be there.

This is a lunar eclipse there are three more. The other three are called solar,annular solar, and total solar eclipse. The eclipses happen in new and full moon. The eclipses are important because they show us what they look like and how long it takes to go away. People do researches about eclipse and were going to have another one.

If we didn't have a moon we wouldn't have moon phases and tides. We wouldn't have those because the moon gravity makes tides and the phases. The moon is very important to us because we could probably live in the moon. Then in that occasion we wouldn't have high tides for the fishermen and sailor. That's why the moon is very important to us.

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