Time traveler project

by Trey DeGarmo

Recently I took a trip to the Arabian peninsula and explored its beauty. It had tons of different environments. I would be one place then go 100 miles east and the temperature would go up 30 degrees and it would go from dry to soggy. One of it's most dazzling features were the Oasis'. Down below you will see an example of one of their many oasis  

An oasis is a place where water can be found in the desert. They can be found all throughout the Arabian peninsula. While I was there I talked to people that said they gave up their nomadic life to permanently settle by the oasis'. While I was near oasis' I found that people farmed Dates, peaches, and also grains. People also seemed very fond of palm trees. They used them for anything from shading themselves to fanning themselves. If you plan on going to an oasis I advise you to (sarcasm) watch where your going so that you don't fall in any wells and  be ready to use palm trees for anything and everything.
Another one of the Arabian peninsula are their mountains.  Their mountains range from 1,000 to 12,000 feet tall. I didn't spend much time in the mountains because it rained the whole time that I visited them.  But in the time I was there I did notice that people did things like terrace farming, which is when you create a flat strip of ground on a hillside to make it easier to grow crops (image below).

People grew things like melons and pomegranates. Also it was cold in the time I was there. Often I would see frost. If you plan to visit the mountains in the Arabian peninsula I would advise you to bring warm clothes, bring something to help against rain, and watch your step so you don't trip down their terraces.
Another one of it's many environments is The coastal plains. A coastal plain is an area of flat land bordering a sea or ocean. Their were rocky cliffs at it's ends. The air was very damp their. It rained  a lot  there just like it did in the mountains. They river beds that filled up after it rained. If you go plan to go to the coastal plain I advise you to bring something to protect yourself against the rain, and be ready for damp air.
The final of their many environments is their deserts. The deserts climate was very harsh. Their were violent sandstorms, blazing hot temperatures and very cold temperatures at night. I didn't enjoy being in the desert one bit. Also it was very dry because their was no rain. I saw very few people because people live a very nomadic life, which is a person who moves from place to place, often in search of water and vegetation. Below is a picture of nomads traveling through the Arabian peninsula.

People in the desert move all around so they can find the next source of water. If you plan to visit the desert I advise you to; bring loose fitting clothing, bring lots of food and water, and bring warm stuff to sleep in because it gets cold at night!
     My trip to Arabian Peninsula was pretty great! I saw almost anything and everything! I hope that I can find time to go back and re visit its beauty.