Larry the AMAZING dog !! - C11

WIK/What I Know

- Hurricane Oskpearl is rated as Category 6.

- Carlos has a sister named Maritza.

- The dog is really young.

SOE/Sequence Of Events

- Tom is thinking about Nikki.

- Carlos is going to be serving breakfast.

- Carlos's father is going to be  taking Tom back home.

- A dog is being taken by the waves.

- The dog shook the water off himself.

- The dog's name is Larry.

- Tom is going to be taking care of Larry.

- Tom and Carlos think Larry is a weird name for a dog.


Larry :

Larry is a very young energetic dog,who was found on the waves by Tom Haris.   Tom decided to keep Larry. In Carlos and Tom's  opinion, they think that Larry is a very awkward name for a dog.

Tom :

When Tom found Larry, he told Carlos that he will take good care of Larry and thats shows that he is really responsible and that he can be trusted to take care of Larry.

My Snap Shot

This picture is a Snapshot of when Larry was taken  by the waves during Hurricane Oskpearl.