Trenton Alexander

Name: Trenton Bright

Sex: Male

Born: Dallas, Texas

Age: 17 years old

Employment: Jobless

Language: English, some Spanish

Hometown: Dallas, Texas- Born and raised

Race: Latin American

Education: 11th Grade

Siblings: 4 older sisters- 14 years between me and the oldest (31), and a brother in law

Animals: 3 cats and 2 dogs

Interests: Watching most sports, playing basketball or golf, watching way too much Spongebob, dogs and cats, purchasing unnecessary shoes

I believe that I am someone who deep down truly cares for all. I am extremely sympathetic, as well as empathetic, person to nearly everyone I know or know about. Growing up with four loving older sisters was more than a breeze because of how great they treated me, and I truly think it made me develop this brother-to-all mentality. I may be a tad bit lazy when it comes to getting certain things done, but I have developed into what I believe to be a very solid "crammer." I am a competitor who expects probably too much about myself, but I do understand my own limits.I am blind as a bat without glasses or contacts with an outstanding +9 prescription. I am one who can overcome fear fairly easy. There is no doubt that I am one of the pickiest eaters out there, and unfortunately that is something even people I hardly know usually know about me. I am faithful, which makes me hopeful. Most importantly I am confident, growing up I was very arrogant, but over time I have learned to limit this self-confidence, and have been able to spread my confidence into others. This fact has made me the caringperson who I believe I truly am.