Worlds of Fun

The best place to be

Worlds of fun. Full of fun, joy, and maybe some puke.

Worlds of Fun. located in Kansas City. With the world famous steel hawk open, worlds of fun is better than ever. But.. do you know the best rides to ride NO?! Let me tell you.

5: Sea Dragon           My top 5. The sea dragon is a ride where you go way up and then down again. It is my top five because I like to stand up and feel like I'm flying. I also like to sit on the top because that is where you go up the highest.

4: Finnish Fling My fourth favorite ride. That is because you get to spin around and around and then out of nowhere the floor drops and you stick to the wall. Some people might get sick but for me I can get on it 3 times before getting sick which is a personal best.

3: thunder hawk     my third favorite ride. I like it because you twist and turn and go upside down. I like that because it gives me a thrill especially when you stay upside down for a while and then flip a lot when going down.

2: patriot My second favorite ride. I like it because it is full of turns,speed, and goes upside down. It is full of thrill and with your feet dangling you will want to take off your shoes and let loose.

1: Mamba     My favorite ride. It is my favorite ride because it goes up a tall hill then plummets 205 feet then back up again. This ride is so fast you will not even be able to sing your ABC'S more than once before your breath is taken away by the speed

Whats Yours?

So now that you you know my top favorite rides, whats yours? Whether it is the spinning rides, the fast rides, or the thrillers each and ever ride thrills us in ways people could never experience.

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