Alphabetical Advice

A:  An apple a day keeps the doctor away,  usually

B: Be kind to others

C:  Careful at all times

D: Discover something new

E:  Express yourself

F: Friends are a good virtue

G:  Greed is bad

H:  Be happy and don't worry

I:  Independence can teach you important tips in life

J:  Just be yourself

K:  Klondike Bars can be stress relieving

L:  Learning is the main part of life

M:  Make important decisions

N:  Never lie or steal from others

O:  Obesity can give you diseases

P:  Patience is a good virtue

Q:  Quests can set you goals in life

R:  Ready at will

S:  Say Advice to others

T:  Trying doesn't reward you

U:  Underdogs always win

V: Value your organs

W: Wait for things to happen

X:  Xerox is a document company

Y:  You are amazing in ways

Z:  Zig Zag will save your life, usually