Breakdown of The Concert of Europe

  • Key point: The revolutions of 1848 had failed. There was an increase in Russia‚Äôs interest in the Balkans, which was Ottoman lands. Gaining this land would ultimately mean control over the Mediterranean Sea. Russia would also become a major power in eastern Europe and eventually challenge the British naval control of the Mediterranean.

  • Key point: In 1853 the Russians invaded Turkish provinces. In response to this invasion the Ottoman Turks declared war against Russia. The next year France and England declared war on France as well. This became known as the Crimean War.

  • Key point: Treaty of Paris was signed by the Russians agreeing to let the Turkish provinces be under their protection.

  • Key point: The effect of the Crimean War was to destroy the Concert of Europe. Russia and Austria were the two main powers, and then became enemies because they too had an interest in the Balkans. The Russian were defeated and withdrew from foreign affairs for the next 20 years.

  • Key point: This opened the door for unification for Italy and Germany.

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