Christmas in Canada.

My country is Canada.This is when I have to make my own  web page.  Here are some important dates,Clumbus dates 12/25/15 and Canada dates 12/24/15.  Night before Christmas,In my state I usally I give milk and cookies to santa. Also for Canada they  don`t give Santa cookies and milk. Gift bearer in my state, the night of the 24th Santa is said to come down the chimney and place the gift under the Christmas.Also for Canada, on the 23rd Santa will put the presents the Christmas tree. Day of Christmas,on the  23rd or the 24th my parents are going to get the presents under the Christmas tree just like Santa. Also for Canada,on Christmas Eve December 24th  they go to sleep in till there parents come and wake them up to open there presents.Foods,we have realer food that we eat for dinner.Also for Canada,Canada eats a turkey dinner in the middle of the night.Other traditions, this year I am going to see my grandma in Teledo for Christmas. In Canada they celebrate Christmas by putting up a big Christmas tree some time before Christmas. That is how I make my web page.  

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