Wildlife Alliance

Who are they?

WLA are hard working,hands on envirmenal friendly origination.

What do they do?

There mission is to work directly with habitats and communities to protect, pressure,and provide for them.they are focused mainly on action on the ground meaning they are or go to the town/ area the animal is and go from there.

When did they start the organization?

Wild life alliance have been helping seance  1994- till today.

Where are they based/ have there main building ?

They have programs/ building  in South Asia, Russia, South America , and the western Picific.

Why do they do what they do?

They do there work because, the have alive passion for there work and some of the staff live in areas around the world ware thing like this happen they see thing in there back yard and want to make a. Change or even stop it from were if it keeps happening that animal is gone or close to it.

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