2013 Winter Vacation

Time with family & friends...priceless!

Destination - Santa Fe New Mexico

We love the idea of taking the boys to far away places where they can enjoy the snow and visit a new locations with interesting history, culture, terrain and people. Well this year the Gordon Boys (Brian, Trevor & Ty), Silvers (Joel, Jill and Kaitlyn) and the Smets Bunch adventured to Sante Fe New Mexico. There is a reason why they call this the "Land of Enchantment". Thanks to Brian's parents, we enjoyed a beautiful home and scenery in the Santa Fe desert in which the boys built forts, explored, tuned in their pool game and did homework.  While the adults partook in great conversation, relaxation, and cocktails passing the bright star filled nights enjoying family and friendship.

Days were filled with skiing and sledding in the Sante Fe National Forest and sightseeing the charming old towns in Santa Fe. Coach Tony and the boys took in a quaint coin store that welcomed the clientel at the same time offered some great deals on collectibles. We even took in a movie (Die Hard). Great movie and previews (my favorite part) to other great movies to come.

The best part about our the vacation was the TIME to catch up with life and one another. I treasure these moments to enjoy my children and the company. We are so busy always with our lives "back home"; it's so important to just stop and take in the scenery. I will treasure these moments of respite and ....

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