Floral Designer

Dymond Johnson, Hannah  

Job description

Job Title:

Floral Design Job Description:work with flowers and plants to create bouquets and floral displays. Floral designers are able to create displays that set different tones that might be used for special occasions for ex:An Anniversary Job

Job salary


$11.87 per hour

Education Needed For the Job

Education needed for job:

Floral design requires no formal education, floral design also usually starts their careers right after high school, and experience is gained on the job.

Skills Necessary for the Job

Skills necessary for the job:

active listening, speaking, time management, service orientation, judgement, decision making, social perceptiveness, critical thinking, coordination, complex problem solving, active learning, management of materials, negotiation, persuasion, monitoring, reading comprehension, and instructing.

Tools Needed for the Job

Tools needed for job:

anchor pin, chicken wire, corsage or boutonnière, pin, dip dye, finishing spray or dip, floral adhesive, floral foam, floral foam holder, floral glue, floral spray, floral tape, floral tint, florist knives, florist shears, florist wire, foil, glitter spray, greening pin, hyacinth stake, lightweight foil, needlepoint folder, pan-melt glue, pick machine, poly foil, pruning shears, ribbon, ribbon scissors, stem dye, underwater cutters, utility scissors, water tube, waterproof tape, and a wood pick

Hours required

Hours required:

9am to 5pm

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