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Vastu consultant in Bangalore can be on the west or northwest sides of the house, maintain a strategic distance from on the eastern or northeastern sides. Fountain and switchboard ought to be in the Southeast corner. Taps and showers fittings ought to be altered in north bearing. WC ought to be situated in west or northwest course. Evade development of latrine at the inside and in the east, upper east of the house.

We ought to give consideration towards legitimate area of the Locker, Heading of the Passage, windows and almirah. With a specific end goal to acquire flourishing to assets it ought to be put away in South-west corner. The tallness of locker room ought not to be not as much as that of different rooms. The divider and floor of locker room ought to be of yellow shading. Locker Room ought not to be put toward the side of the room. It ought to be perfect and disorder free. A mirror ought to be hanged to reflect locker. It pairs the chance to pick up riches.

Vastu  was figured numerous years back, at some point between 6000-3000 BC and states that earth, water, air, wind and flame, i.e. the five major components, are in charge of our creation, and influence everything that happens. This idea frames the establishment of the astronomical standards expressed in Vastu Shastra. These standards can help you float away from negative vitality and enter an existence which overflows with inspiration. In any case, applying these Vastu standards is not restricted just to the development of the house. A few different elements like encompassing places and plot course play their parts in deciding the Vastu of your home.

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