Should College Athletes Get Paid?

This Tackk is about how college athletes get their earnings ripped away from them.

college athletes dont get paid because of the NCAA saying that if they get paid it would take away money for the pro athletes, which makes no sence at all i believe that they should get paid because the work hard and they make money for their school and bring money to the NCAA for all their fans who come to watch them.

Many of people believe that college athletes should not get paid because only 2% of them will actually make it to the pros. so why dont they just make their money now?

to me this picture means alot because college athletes get their fans to support them but its not all about the fans its about their hard work and what they do to make people want to watch them and make their college money and make the NCAA money but even thoe they dont get paid they do their best and show the world what they have even when some people dont believe in them

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