Wandering around
frantically looking

A fly in the corner
A rose drops its petal
A storm begins with a boom

I wonder what it's like to -"P.J.?"
"Are you paying attention?"
"Wait, what???"

Meds doc says
Meds will help
Make you calm
Keep your head straight

Years of them tried
All different kinds

All of them LIES!

That which was "helping"
ripped me to shreds
Little jokes or teasing friends

Those became battles
Yelling in classes
Who cares what I'm learning When I'm burning inside?
Lying "I'm fine"

Then I was off them
Done with that war

But there are still more,
Because I finished before

Those people still struggling
with this drug of "good fortune"

But its not a disease!
Not something you treat!

Its a personality,
The way that you think!

So don't treat the child
Teach them to think

and maybe
just maybe
they'll teach you too

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