Exploring North America

Will you please help fund expedition your majesty?

         I will depart in the year of 1534, I, Sir Jalen Wang, from the country England and I ask that you, King François I, fund my expedition

         For you my lord, I will look for natural resources & gold as my king asked for, but I will also try to find natural gases and lumber.

         Natural resources such as salt, gold, and trees would be useful because it would give my country wealth because those resources are extremely valuable.  The things like lumber would be made into houses for my people.  Natural gases could give us more fuel for things.

         How we get there, is we that we will come in through the Gulf of Mexico and hopefully get the resources available in the place near the Gulf.  If not, we will travel inward to the interior of North America and hope to get resources there.

         Spain and France are both looking for wealth, natural resources, and territory, so if we encounter them, we will try to make an alliance, if not, we must be ready for anything.  For the Natives we will do the same.  We will hopefully be able to trade a few things for a couple resources back.

          Obstacles on the way to North America may be a problem, we will expect to encounter diseases, so called “monsters of the seas,” and possibly enemy spies.  We will bring along a doctor/medic and hope for the best to get through the terrible storms.  For the enemy spies we will search the ship for any suspicions.

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