i think we should stop bullying because it can cause a person to end there life because of what you did to that person and people are committing murder to other people and suicide and while they are bullying its not going to feel bad but when you done its going to feel bad and all i have to say is stop bullying.

stop bullying

what would you do if you were part of this group of friends?

i would tell my group of friends to stop bullying or to cut it out or say would u like me to bully you huh huh

people should stop bullying because it affects people they may kill there self and sometimes they they tell on you and doesn't nothing get done till the child commits suicide.i would tell my friend or cousin , brother that it is wrong and that you don't need to do nothing like that and they should go to and adult or or a older person and tell saw they can tell them to stop right away.we or i would go up to the bully beat him up or tell him to stop or we can go tell and adult but try your best not to handle the situation like me and just try to be nice and if they don't do right and keep going that's when you go tell and adult.it would help everyone around you and maybe they will stop bullying and it could help lots and lots of people to stand up for each other and speak against it.that could you please stop bully or bullies because you putting that person life in danger and if they keep it going just go get a adult.

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