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photography portfolio

In the Garden

While taking care of my dying garden, I saw this interesting blue garden tool and decided it would be a unique photo.


I was playing fetch with my dog and thought her face was too priceless not to take a photo.

"Red Hot Chili Peppers"

Who knew such ordinary household objects could turn into cool photos? With this photo, I turned up the brightness extra to achieve the vibrant colors.


I accomplished this unique angle by putting my camera on its timer and placing it underneath the frisbee golf post.

Sweet Caroline

This photo was taken by the Waco Suspension Bridge with my sister, Caroline. I thought the overgrown wooden staircase was a perfect spot for portrait photos.


I took this photo on the Bosque River on the Cotton Belt Trail. With this photo, I turned the vibrance all the way down to achieve the soft almost gray-scale effect of this photo.

Sunset on the Lake

This photo was taken at Woodway Park by Lake Waco at around 5 in the evening. I made no changes to the sky in this photo, but only darkened the wood in the front of the frame.


This is a photo of my mom's thread box for a viewpoint and elements project. I turned the photo gray-scale and played with some of the colors to get darker black tones.

Afternoon Run

My sister and my dog were on a run around our neighborhood when I realized it would be an interesting perspective if I took the picture from my dog's point of view. Personally, I think it turned into a cute and cool photo.

Wadded Up

For a photo essay, I took multiple pictures of socks lying around my house. Personally, I like the soft and warm feeling from this photo and the texture of the socks and carpet.

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