Racism  in Sports

Micheal Lewis

Definition of racism in sports:When people are treated wrong by their color or their language. and when a group of people banks you

Facts:some blacks was slaved by poor whites.There are two definitions of racism.people are being races towards people by their language.People get beat up because of their color.Scientist rejected the biological basic of race.

it happens by people treating other people wrong because of their color or language. Also people get beat up because the way the are their personality is not respected because they don't like that person for no reason.Also that person get harsh feeling and might try to hurt themselves because of other people hurting that person in words.

signs of racism is people calling other people names for no reason just because they don't have the same color as you.And making them do what you want them to do because your this color or you speak this language.

some people try to stop racism bye putting up posters about it needs to stop and talking to the person who was getting treated wrong about that they don't need to worry there hating on you because the way you are.

its is important because you shouldn't judge people by their color and beat them up or threaten them just because you speak and different language



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