How to Fish!!!!!!


If you give a man a fish he eats a day you teach a man to fish he eats his whole life. In this Tackk I am going to tell you how to fish. First I will tell you how to cast to types of reels open and closed reels. Second I will tell you how to set the hook. Third I will tell you the art of catching a bass. Last but not least how to catch a spoon bill. Very Very hard.

How To Cast an Open and Closed Reel.

These two reels are the most common reels used in America so that's why I just picked these two. The open reel is kinda hard but you will get used to it. First you have to push down a little cruved metal piece that you hold on to then you swing the rod out and let go of the little bar. So after your line is casted you reel till you hear a little click then your all set. Now onto the closed reel. How you do that is by clicking the button on the top of the reel and throwing your line out and reel a bit then you are done. Simple right?

How to Set The Hook!

To set the hook really all you have to do is pull back on your rod. What that does is it jams the hook into the fishes mouth so it doesn't get away. In Africa people just use a thing of line so what they do is just pull on the line and most of the time there hands get cut by the line. (Ouch!!!)

How to catch a bass!

To catch a Bass You first need to cast your line out like I told you to in the first paragraph hope you paid attention. Then you start to reel very slowly so the bass will follow the bait. Hopefully you get a bass to bite and when that happens you set the hook like I told you on my second paragraph Again hope you paid attention. then hopefully you reel up a bass.  

How to catch a spoon bill ( VERY VERY HARD)!!!!!!!!!!!

The way you catch a spoonbill is by making sure you have a strong rod,strong line, and you are strong. When you go out fishing you don't have to cast out your line you have to just let the line drop to the bottom. The boat does all the work the boat drags the line slowly across the bottom. The fish love to hang out on the bottom. you don't use any bait what you do is let the THREE hooks hook into the back of the fish. then the spoon bill should roll and get tangled up in the line and get reeled right up. So thats how you catch a spoonbill.


So now I hope that you know how to fish. I hope you go and try out fishing. It might take a little while to get use to it but you will if you practice. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!