Mr. Todd E. Alexander, Jr.

Who am I?  I am Todd E. Alexander, Jr.  I am a second year teacher at Salem High School in Salem, Indiana - a small city with a rich history.  Most of my students call me "Mr. A."  I graduated with my bachelor's degree in secondary education from Indiana University Southeast where I completed a dual major in secondary social studies and mathematics.  I am licensed by the state of Indiana to teach mathematics, history, geography, government, and economics for grades five through twelve.  Currently, I am teaching both Geometry and Honors Geometry at Salem High School.

My cousin Corey and I at Christmas, 2013.

About me...  Some of the most important aspects of my life include my family and my career.  I am a family man who enjoys spending every possible minute with my family whether it is going to dinner on a Friday night, celebrating a birthday, or just sitting together watching television and chatting.  My career is also very important to me.  I have been passionate about learning and teaching since I was very young.  I can honestly think of no other career path that would bring me so much joy.  I honestly can say that I wake up every morning looking forward to coming to work and do what I am doing.  I also enjoy watching television shows, listening to music, and studying history and politics.  Below is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite musicians - Frank Sinatra.

My teaching philosophy...  As an educator, it is my goal to provide students with a high-quality education and to inspire them to be responsible, intelligent, and caring individuals in a diverse, global society.  Each and every day I always give my best when I am teaching.  I always put a lot of thought and effort into my lessons so that all of the academic standards are covered and then some.  I am a teacher that feels compelled to teach "a lot about a lot."  I want every aspect covered of every topic.  I am able to accomplish this for the most part while actively engaging my students with the material.  I am passionate about collaboration between students, their peers, and myself.  We often to projects in my classes to offset lessons and exams.  My classroom is highly engaging - I have every student participating in the lesson through "Q and A" sessions and journal sharing times.  My mathematics classes look a lot different than the traditional math class.  It is not always come in to the class, take notes, and do homework.  My classroom will differ on a daily basis.  Sometimes lessons are taught directly, through student self-instruction, or through group interaction.  I hone in on multiple learning modalities as much as possible and I try to ensure that every student has access to me and my classroom resources so that they are successful in my classes.

Technology and Communication... I am very passionate about incorporating technology into my classroom.  My absolute favorite tech tool is PowerPoint.  I've been using this software since I was in sixth grade.  I remember my first PowerPoint presentation was four slides long covering the humpback whale during our study of endangered species.  I use this tool the most out of all other tech resources.  Almost every lesson I give is through a PowerPoint presentation.  Almost all digital projects I do in my classroom are assigned using PowerPoint.

At Salem, we are very actively engaged with our student body.  The community is rather small and most students and teachers know each other very well.  Many individuals in the administration, teachers, and students alike communicate and share school happenings through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr.  In the past, I have used both Twitter and Instagram to share classroom happenings with students, parents, and faculty.  Twitter was a good way to announce project due dates, test dates, and for students to ask direct questions.  Other than that, I allow students to email me, call me, or text me if they have any questions.

Professional Development...  During this past summer, I attended a three day workshop in Indianapolis for a pilot program on college and career readiness through literacy and mathematics enrichment.  I gained a lot of great resources from the seminar that I could utilize in the classroom.  It was also a great opportunity to collaborate with other teachers from across the state.  Last Fall, I attended a workshop on mathematics standards and goals for our students to achieve by graduation.  I will also be attending a seminar this Fall on the new state standards with emphasis on the new math standards enriched with common core.  Most of my professional development is based on instruction in mathematics and standards.  I want more opportunities for technology incorporation in the classroom, especially with a school that has very limited technology resources.  In addition to these workshops, I am on the Salem High School School Improvement Committee and the Discipline Committee.  I am also taking classes at IU Southeast for my secondary education masters degree as well as my counseling license.

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