Second Grade with Mr. Barajas


Take a glimpse into a second grade classroom

After completing a lesson on different cloud types in science, I decided to tie in the cloud theme into my Reading lesson by doing a read-aloud of the book pictured below.

The students LOVED this book and enjoyed trying to identify the different clouds types in the book.

The students were truly disheartened by the king's greedy demeanor.

We also learned about vowel digraphs. Here is a sample video that we watched in class. :-)

Long "e" sound with "ea"

Long "e" sound with "ee" and "ea"

This week, we are also embarking on exploring the different phases of the moon.

In celebration of Dr. Seuss week, our class shared the following book.

Throughout the book, we discussed the meaning behind going to different places and how it can be seen as the victories and obstacles people will face as they grow up.

While learning the difference between fact and opinion in one of our reading lessons, here is a game we played.



Here is an explanation on utilizing colons and semicolons.

Text Features

After completing a lesson on text features, here is a game we played as a whole group.

R-controlled vowels:

The focus on the video below is ir and er.

The focus on the video below is ar.

Verb Tenses Interactive Game

The game below is a Jeopardy style game.

Here is a whole group or projectable quiz on verb tenses.

Reading Skills Games

Math and Reading Quizzes

In the Learn Grow Explore link, you'll find a page with quizzes on reading skills and math mechanics used in the classroom.


8's Time Table Trick


Customary Capacity

The History of Earth

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