Welcome to my page!

My name is Jessie Barajas and I am an elementary school educator in North Texas.   

My purpose as a teacher is to enable children to overcome obstacles and to support  their curiosity in learning. My hobbies include trips to Half-Price Books,  story time read-alouds, exploring new ways to integrate technology in my classroom, and finding crafty means to engage students in their learning.

What impact do I hope to make?

The impact I hope to make on my students by the time they exit my classroom for their summer break, is that they take with them more than just their understanding of the core subjects taught. I hope that they take with them an appreciation for teamwork. Each year, students are placed in classrooms with individuals that display different talents and abilities. For many students, this type of environment seems unsuitable and unwanted. At times, this could lead to conflict. When working with a diverse group of students I teach them that each individual has different abilities, and that although one might think that someone’s abilities or inabilities make them different, this is actually good thing. I teach my students that the life ahead of them is full of people with differences. I teach them to work together and to listen to each other. This promotes unity amongst people, which overtime can lead to coming together to build greater things. It is important that students see these behaviors modeled to them, that’s why I view teamwork amongst my work peers as an important role of being a teacher. I want to enable students to become leaders in their community and make positive contributions to the world.

Characteristics of an Effective Teacher:
How have they played in my life?

An effective teacher is innovative and creative. In my teaching career, I have utilized mobile devices to deliver interactive lessons that help improve learning and instruction. One specific application that I use with mobile devices is Nearpod, which I recently used to deliver an introductory lesson on Phases of the Moon. The lesson was implemented entirely through mobile devices, and I was able to receive instant feedback on student learning.

An effective teacher also is dedicated. Throughout my childhood I was faced with the challenge of learning a second language. I was raised speaking Spanish as my first language, but I had to learn English as I began school. For many years, I knew that one day I would master the English language, although at some point in my life it seemed like a far away reality. By the time I reached the end of my primary school years, I spoke perfect English and shortly after began to dominate the English language. My drive and dedication to overcome something that once seemed unattainable is the same drive and dedication I aim to develop in my students. I am dedicated to enabling my students to overcome obstacles.

A third characteristic of an effective teacher is being able to learn new things and adapt to new situations. The world is constantly changing, and along with it is the evolution of learning in the classroom. In my three years of teaching I have adapted my teaching techniques by learning and meeting the needs of my students. Each year I received a new group of students, I quickly learned that their needs were unique to those of my previous students. Teaching is a craft that requires constant molding and tailoring.


My most recent classroom technology ventures include the usage of Nearpod, Hooked on Phonics for iPad, Khan Academy, and Tackk.com

Here is a  link where you can explore the action occurring in my classroom.