Edgar Allan Poe

The Sad Life of a Beautiful Poet

Edgar Allan Poe had a extravagantly tragic childhood. With a deserted father and a dying mother, Poe's gloomy inspiration came only from the sadness of his past. Criticized, betrayed, and broken as stained glass, Poe's relationship with alcohol became strong. However as a young child, he faced many difficulties such as living John Allan because of he and his mother's difficult life. He was successful in school, excelling in athletics and Latin fluency. Living in Richmond, Virginia, Edgar  filtered his feelings through writing. He traveled to University of Virginia, where he wrote his first book. Unlike his other stories and poetry, this story was happy and filled with some sort of joy. However, his friends didn't think highly of his work, so he threw it in the fire. He later knew how to accept criticism-but he couldn't stop the burning of his first story. Almost all works from here on were sad. Poe was good in college--and good at accumulating debt.

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