Alice Walker

By: Trevinee Edmonds

Blacks suffered through oppression.

Nowadays we don't have problems with backs talking bad about whites and whites talking bad about blacks.

In the 1927 blacks were treated unfairly and with hatred. In the 21st Century more blacks are getting higher education and getting well paid jobs.

A outstanding strong woman who stuck up for Black Power Movement, Alice Walker.

Alice Walker participated in the Nation of Islam.

Nation of Islam is a synthetic new religious movement founded in Detroit, Michigan.

Nation of Islam stated goals are to improve the spiritual, mental, social, and economic condition of African Americans in the United States.

Alice Walker fought against black feminism.

Black Feminism argues that sexism class oppression and racism are completely bound together.

The emergence black feminism was at first was led by white women .

Alice Walker fought against Womanism .

Womanism does not mean to be introduce by the word "Black" .

"Womanist is to Feminist as Purple is to Lavender."

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