Richard Mintz - Energy Advisor

As the principal Director of Savant Energy, Richard Mintz is exclusively placed to advise companies on their energy requirements. His extensive business qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics and MBA from the University of Adelaide. He is co-owner of the highly regarded Two Hands Wines and a Member of the Institute of Company Directors. He has also served as the Managing Director of Love Energy. His comprehensive understanding of the unique and multiple network tariffs meet with the standards imposed by South Australian Power Networks (SAPN).

Savant Energy offers innovative energy solutions to large-volume electricity users across Australia. We mainly provide three solutions including energy cost advisory, energy project development and private equity. Energy cost advisory process involves comprehensive cost reduction services such as contract negotiation, bill validation and up-to-date reporting. Savant Energy major generation projects are large scale solar, gas or diesel generators and hybrid solutions. With through analysis and scrutiny, we considerably and permanently reduce electricity costs for our clients. As a trusted private equity investor in the energy sector, Savant Energy provides professional support services including metering, demand management or brokering and advisory services.